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Direct social sharing URLs


Yes, we should make it easy for visitors to share content. It is handy and in many cases it allows us to pre-fill the share text. Most of the time, we would use a WordPress Plugin or a JavaScript Solution, instead of developing our own share buttons. However, in many cases, an external solution is overkill Also, there are cases when you don’t want to add some plugin to your blog or to the...

CSS shorthand properties


As we all know CSS files are very useful to reduce the amount of HTML we need to send to the browser. But that doesn’t mean our CSS files are now the place for bloated and unnecessary markup. Shorthand properties can be very useful to save a lot of space in your CSS files and to save you time on coding. Box properties One of the best places to save some space is margins & padding of boxes...

Developing Clearly Adventures in Coding and IT


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