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Development tip: Use Visual Studio Code Snippets


If you haven’t been programming in visual studio for long, chances are you haven’t heard about code snippets. A code snippet is actually coding that you can quickly insert into the code editor. Typically, snippets are common language constructs you use often, and many come bundled with Visual Studio. You probably noticed them in IntelliSense as you were typing code. Code snippet...

The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch) – or what is it like to be an Engineer in the Corporate World


I had to take a minute to share this wonderful and funny video about what it is like to be an engineer in the corporate world. I really suggest that you take a few minutes to watch it. Of course, as with everything, it can be up to interpretation. The engineer could also have asked what do they really want to accomplish by asking to draw lines in this fashion and then maybe a better way would...

Firefox Add-On of the … month? Issue #1: HttpRequester


Let me quickly introduce an interesting add-on for Firefox to you. It’s called HttpRequester and it’s a very very useful add-on for basically any developer. What it does, it enables you to quickly send an HTTP request using a method which is not easily done through the browser (PUT/POST/DELETE). You can also use a “browser view” instead of a plain-text view. It also...

Direct social sharing URLs


Yes, we should make it easy for visitors to share content. It is handy and in many cases it allows us to pre-fill the share text. Most of the time, we would use a WordPress Plugin or a JavaScript Solution, instead of developing our own share buttons. However, in many cases, an external solution is overkill Also, there are cases when you don’t want to add some plugin to your blog or to the...

SEO for Developers

Google shown on a Laptop

Hey, you! Thanks for visiting. I don’t know if you found this website via a search engine or by social media link or whatever but thank you for stopping by. As a matter of fact, this will be the topic of our little post: how to improve your SEO, from the technical side of things. This will be the post about what you as developers can do about SEO. We’ll stay on the technical side of...

Getting started with Virtualization – Create a Ubuntu Virtual Machine


This will be brief but (excuse me for saying so myself) a cool little blog post about getting started with virtualization. We’ll quickly create our own little machine where you can install any software you might find useful. We’ll install Ubuntu. Why? Because it’s free and cool. Installing Ubuntu on a Virtual Machine Virtualization? Simply put, virtualization software...

Setup your own small dedicated server

Server Rack

In this blog post we’ll do something different. We’ll use an old computer to set up a dedicated web server using Ubuntu Server edition, Apache and MySQL server. What you’ll need A blank CDAn old computer with CD driveSome free time (3 hours approximately) DISCLAIMER: I have tried to provide you with accurate information, and everything I wrote worked for me, but please use your...

Display locations from a database on a map using Google Maps JavaScript API and PHP


In this relatively short blog post, we’ll use PHP/MySQL and Google Maps Javascript API to display locations from a MySQL database on a map. We’ll make a simple “City guide to Zagreb”, meaning we’ll select interesting locations from the database, display them on a map, show some info about them and show directions from the user’s current position to a...

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