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Display locations from a database on a map using Google Maps JavaScript API and PHP


In this relatively short blog post, we’ll use PHP/MySQL and Google Maps Javascript API to display locations from a MySQL database on a map. We’ll make a simple “City guide to Zagreb”, meaning we’ll select interesting locations from the database, display them on a map, show some info about them and show directions from the user’s current position to a...

Development tip: Use Visual Studio Code Snippets


If you haven’t been programming in visual studio for long, chances are you haven’t heard about code snippets. A code snippet is actually coding that you can quickly insert into the code editor. Typically, snippets are common language constructs you use often, and many come bundled with Visual Studio. You probably noticed them in IntelliSense as you were typing code. Code snippet...

How to always start Microsoft Edge in “InPrivate” Mode


Do you Like just a little bit more privacy than browser incognito modes offer, as opposed to “normal” mode? Or do you simply watch a lot of “Documentaries” and simply want to save a precious few seconds to switch to InPrivate mode? But seriously, there are many other benefits of InPrivate browsing, other than the obvious ones – hiding/not remembering your browsing...

NAT Introduction and basic configuration on a Cisco Router


What is NAT? NAT is short for “Network Address Translation”. The basic purpose of NAT is to translate private IP addresses which are used inside the company into public (global) IP addresses. NAT is primarily used to conserve global IP addresses because it allows many IP-enabled devices to use a few public IP addresses. It’s really easy to see NAT at work. For instance, at your...

Handler PHP_via_FastCGI has a bad module FastCgiModule in its module list


There are many challenges when attempting to establish cooperation between systems and technologies that were not originally meant to work together. Unfortunately, this is still true to this day, even if we have come a long way. Trying to make PHP run smoothly on Microsoft IIS might be one of the examples where things are not always running smoothly, case in point is this error: HTTP Error 500.21...

Introduction to Routing


As you may or may not know, communication on the Internet uses packets for transmitting data. So, every time your computer communicates with a computer on the Internet, IP packets are used to transmit and receive data. Your computer by itself can’t deliver the packets all the way to the destination, so it relies on other networking hardware on the way over to do its part. We could say that...

Virtual LANs – Introduction and basic operations


VLANs? That doesn’t sound like a Web Design or Development theme!” And you’re right! From now on, I’m adding Networking to the Blog categories, and VLANs are going to be my first post. Virtual? LAN? Of course, we all know what a LAN is. It is a network which connects computers and other devices and is typically located in our home or office building. LAN enables our devices to...

Create a simple PHP MVC Framework


In this blog post, we’ll create a simple PHP MVC Framework from scratch. This simple framework can be used as a tool for learning the basic plot behind MVC or you can modify it and make it grow into something bigger and much more useful. MVC? MVC stands for “Model View Controller”. MVC is a concept that enables us to separate our business logic from the presentation. One of the...

Getting started with Virtualization – Create a Ubuntu Virtual Machine


This will be brief but (excuse me for saying so myself) a cool little blog post about getting started with virtualization. We’ll quickly create our own little machine where you can install any software you might find useful. We’ll install Ubuntu. Why? Because it’s free and cool. Installing Ubuntu on a Virtual Machine Virtualization? Simply put, virtualization software...

Developing Clearly Adventures in Coding and IT


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