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Development tip: Use Visual Studio Code Snippets


If you haven’t been programming in visual studio for long, chances are you haven’t heard about code snippets. A code snippet is actually coding that you can quickly insert into the code editor. Typically, snippets are common language constructs you use often, and many come bundled with Visual Studio. You probably noticed them in IntelliSense as you were typing code. Code snippet...

How to always start Microsoft Edge in “InPrivate” Mode


Do you Like just a little bit more privacy than browser incognito modes offer, as opposed to “normal” mode? Or do you simply watch a lot of “Documentaries” and simply want to save a precious few seconds to switch to InPrivate mode? But seriously, there are many other benefits of InPrivate browsing, other than the obvious ones – hiding/not remembering your browsing...

NAT Introduction and basic configuration on a Cisco Router


What is NAT? NAT is short for “Network Address Translation”. The basic purpose of NAT is to translate private IP addresses which are used inside the company into public (global) IP addresses. NAT is primarily used to conserve global IP addresses because it allows many IP-enabled devices to use a few public IP addresses. It’s really easy to see NAT at work. For instance, at your...

Developing Clearly Adventures in Coding and IT


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