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Virtual LANs – Introduction and basic operations


VLANs? That doesn’t sound like a Web Design or Development theme!” And you’re right! From now on, I’m adding Networking to the Blog categories, and VLANs are going to be my first post. Virtual? LAN? Of course, we all know what a LAN is. It is a network which connects computers and other devices and is typically located in our home or office building. LAN enables our devices to...

Create a simple PHP MVC Framework


In this blog post, we’ll create a simple PHP MVC Framework from scratch. This simple framework can be used as a tool for learning the basic plot behind MVC or you can modify it and make it grow into something bigger and much more useful. MVC? MVC stands for “Model View Controller”. MVC is a concept that enables us to separate our business logic from the presentation. One of the...

Getting started with Virtualization – Create a Ubuntu Virtual Machine


This will be brief but (excuse me for saying so myself) a cool little blog post about getting started with virtualization. We’ll quickly create our own little machine where you can install any software you might find useful. We’ll install Ubuntu. Why? Because it’s free and cool. Installing Ubuntu on a Virtual Machine Virtualization? Simply put, virtualization software...

Developing Clearly Adventures in Coding and IT


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