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Firefox Add-On of the … month? Issue #1: HttpRequester


Let me quickly introduce an interesting add-on for Firefox to you. It’s called HttpRequester and it’s a very very useful add-on for basically any developer. What it does, it enables you to quickly send an HTTP request using a method which is not easily done through the browser (PUT/POST/DELETE). You can also use a “browser view” instead of a plain-text view. It also...

SEO for Developers

Google shown on a Laptop

Hey, you! Thanks for visiting. I don’t know if you found this website via a search engine or by social media link or whatever but thank you for stopping by. As a matter of fact, this will be the topic of our little post: how to improve your SEO, from the technical side of things. This will be the post about what you as developers can do about SEO. We’ll stay on the technical side of...

Display locations from a database on a map using Google Maps JavaScript API and PHP


In this relatively short blog post, we’ll use PHP/MySQL and Google Maps Javascript API to display locations from a MySQL database on a map. We’ll make a simple “City guide to Zagreb”, meaning we’ll select interesting locations from the database, display them on a map, show some info about them and show directions from the user’s current position to a...

Create a Simple HTML 5 Website using ASP.NET MVC and LINQ

The design www will be using

We'll be creating a simple but fully functional website. We'll use the design, HTML and CSS from one of my previous blog posts: A step-by-step walkthrough for coding a Web Site from a Photoshop template. So, HTML and CSS are basically already done. Of course, we need to integrate these files into ASP.NET templates, so the basic HTML & CSS will be repeated.

Jump Right Into It – Display Data from MySQL database using PHP


Introduction This article was written with absolute beginners in mind. That means if you don’t know anything about PHP or MySQL it’s OK. We are going to learn. While some people discuss a lot of theory first I feel that learning by example and the Right-Into-It approach can be more fun. And we will create something useful which will lead to you wanting to know more and more. How to get PHP/MySQL...

Developing Clearly Adventures in Coding and IT


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