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IIS: Resolve HTTP Error 404.3 – Not Found when accessing an SVC file

SVC file - HTTP 404.3

You tested the Service by running it from Visual Studio with IIS Express and it worked. However, now when it is deployed to the server and you wish to use it with IIS. You think you have done everything correctly – installed IIS, installed WCF Services, so you confidently try to enter the service address, and … 404.3. This is one of those errors that make you scratch your head. Sure...

Use Virtualization to Develop legacy .NET Apps on a Mac

Edge on Windows on a Mac

So, we all know that. the new .NET is not your father’s .NET, it’s cool, it’s Cross-platform, and it’s Open-Source. It’s simply modern. It’s Avocados and Soy lattes. Yet, it is not easy to simply stop developing Apps based on .NET Framework or to migrate everything to the newest, container-based architecture using the newest .NET Version. More or less, .NET...

Developing Clearly Adventures in Coding and IT


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