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SEO for Developers

Google shown on a Laptop

Hey, you! Thanks for visiting. I don’t know if you found this website via a search engine or by social media link or whatever but thank you for stopping by. As a matter of fact, this will be the topic of our little post: how to improve your SEO, from the technical side of things. This will be the post about what you as developers can do about SEO. We’ll stay on the technical side of...

Getting started with Virtualization – Create a Ubuntu Virtual Machine


This will be brief but (excuse me for saying so myself) a cool little blog post about getting started with virtualization. We’ll quickly create our own little machine where you can install any software you might find useful. We’ll install Ubuntu. Why? Because it’s free and cool. Installing Ubuntu on a Virtual Machine Virtualization? Simply put, virtualization software...

Developing Clearly Adventures in Coding and IT


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